Prize Winners 2015

Results & Prize Winners 2015


Date Event Venue Arranged By Result
05/03/2015 Hazards Vs XL Club The Berkshire Nick Brown 4 – 8
18/04/2015 Hazards Vs Circuit Judges New Zealand Mick Donnelly 5.5 – 4.5
01/06/2015 Hazards Vs Stock Exchange St George’s Hill Richard Norris 1.5 – 2.5
01/07/2015 Hazards Vs The Seniors Woking John Gill 8.5 – 1.5
21/07/2015 Hazards Vs Royal Porthcawl Royal Porthcawl The Captain 2.5. – 5.5
11/08/2015 Hazards Vs Accountants New Zealand Martin Wakeley 5.5 – 4.5
29/08/2015 Hazards Vs St George’s Hill St George’s Hill Alistair Defriez 1.5 – 2.5
21/10/2015 Hazards Vs The Elders Hayling Max Hunt 2.5. – 5.5

Record 2015


Meetings Tee’s W,Y,G Player Partner Competiton
Hankley 24th March 2015
1st AM 33 points W tees Alistair Defriez Hugh Smith
2nd AM 32 W David Downes Peter Smith (g)
1st PM 36 Y Duncan Bateman Andy Pollock
2nd PM 35 Y John Griston Jim Everitt (g)
Rye 21st April  
1st AM 36 W Charles Waud Jeremy Waud (g)
2nd AM 34 W Jeremy Carey Stephen Moore
1st PM 32 W John Harridge Charles Hawkins Cup
2nd PM 30 W Charles Waud
Walton Heath 28th May
1st AM 34 W Ian Fry President’s Salver
2nd AM 32 W John Harridge
1st AM 34 G Peter Renshaw President’s Putter
1st AM 33G Alan Wylie
1st PM 41G Nigel Cotterill John Gill
2nd PM 39G Richard Blanchflower Richard Morris
 Woking  7th July
1st AM 34 W Jeremy Carey Captain’s Salver
2nd AM 33 W Steve Wilkins
1st AM 37 Y John Gill Captain’s Quaich
2nd AM  31 Y Martin Wakeley
37 Y John Gill Veteran’s Cup
1st PM 38 Nigel Cotterill David Downes Pat Hunt Goblets
2nd PM 37 Jeremy Cary Stephen Moore
New Zealand  4th August
1st AM 35 W Alistair Defriez
2nd AM 34 W Hugh DuVivier
1st AM 35 Y Bruce Bevan- Jones
2nd AM 30 Y Jim Kerevan
1st PM 46 Y James Purvis James Bell (g) Austin Carris Trophy
2nd PM 42 Y Michael Butler Nick Hayes (g)
Worplesdon 2nd September 
1st AM 64 Mike Roden Jane Roden
2nd AM 60 Duncan Bateman Gill Bateman
West Sussex 3oth September 
1st AM 33W Hugh DuVivier Stephen Moore Alfred Hawes Spoons
2nd AM 30W Mike Donnelly Paul Ratcliffe (g)
1st PM 35 y David Downes Patrick Luard
2nd PM 30 y Richard Wallacy David Hallam (g)