Austin Carris Memorial Trophies

The Berkshire Golf Club offered a warm welcome to our Captain, Stephen Moore, and nineteen other Hazards on Wednesday 5th July.  The Austin Carris Memorial Trophies, two wonderful silver bowls, has been competed for for the entire history of the Society.  Originally played against bogey but now changed to stableford against the par.

The morning play on the Blue Courses was a single stableford.  Winning with 36 points was David Pope leaving Simon Moffatt runner up with 33.

A splendid lunch was taken and our intrepid golfers departed for the Red Course and the all important event of the day.  David Pope and Duncan Bateman were the runners up with 31 points leaving our winners, with 34 points – Robert Bailey and Malcolm Thomas.

The Captain thanked everybody for attending and managing all 36 holes on such a hot sunny day.  All agreed that the course was in wonderful condition and looked forward to returning next year.