Captain’s Letter – May 2017

Dear  Hazards, Now  the  season  is  underway  it  seemed  a  good  opportunity  to  update  you  all  on  what   has  been  happening  so  far. The  initial  news  is  rather  sad  in  that  I  have  to  report  that  a  very  good  friend  of  the  Hazards  and  central  member  of  Porthcawl  GC  –  Gareth Griffiths  –  died  on  19th   March  after  a  short  illness  and  he  will  be  sorely  missed  by  all  those  who  knew  him.

Shortly  after  that,  on  21st  March,  we  also  heard  of  the  passing  of  Nick  Kerridge,  who   had  been  a  long-­standing  Hazard,  and  who  died  while  away  in  South  Africa. Our condolences go to  their  families  and  friends. Returning  to  the  golf,  I  am  very  happy  to  report  that  our  first  two  matches  produced   excellent  victories  for  the  Society.  The  match  against  the  XL  Club  at  The  Berkshire   was  brilliantly  managed  by  Nick  Brown  who  masterminded  a  9-­3  win  in  a  match  that   we  had  not  won  for  a  few  years.  The  weather  was  excellent  –  as  was  the  lunch  –   and,  after  a  morning  lead  of  4-­2,  the  Society  pushed  on  to  win  the  afternoon  5-­1  to   prove  that  we  lunched  rather  more  satisfactorily  than  the  opposition.  Highlights   included  a  wonderful  display  from  Downes  &  Smith  who  only  succumbed  to  a  pair  on   the  17th  who  got  it  round  in  a  gross  75!  While  Mike  Roden  was  ‘on  fire’  all  day  and   he,  plus  Donnelly,  Atkins,  Brown.  Lago  and  the  Captain  remained  undefeated  all   day.

The  match  against  the  Circuit  Judges  at  New  Zealand  was  huge  fun  under  sunny   skies,  a  very  moderate  breeze  and  a  course  in  excellent  condition.

Richard Blanchflower, Bill Headley, Alistair Defreiz, Mick Donnelly, Nick Hayes, Stephen Moore, Duncan Bateman, Chris Sneath, Stephen Chappell and Roger Connor.

Managed  expertly   by  Mick  Donnelly  the  society  were  3-­2  up  at  lunch  (with  Defriez  and  Hayes  having  a   remarkable  round)  and,  after  another  excellent  lunch  and  lively  conversation  with   some  very  bright  opposition,  the  afternoon  was  won  4-­1,  giving  the  Society  a  healthy   victory.  It  is  clear  that  the  Hazards  are  beginning  to  combine  a  good  lunch  with  good   afternoon  golf  at  last.

The Captain – Stephen Moore – presenting the Charles Hawkins Cup to Peter Dyson

We  have  had  two  meetings  so  far  this  season,  both  of  which  were  played  in  the  most   beautiful  weather.  The  greens  at  Hankley  Common  were  a  little  bumpy  but  otherwise   it  was  a  great  pleasure  to  play  there,  and  some  32  members  and  guests  attended.   Off  the  white  tees  in  the  morning  David  Spence  and  his  guest  Jeremy  McIlroy   (Captain  at  Hankley)  won  with  a  very  creditable  35  points,  and  the  afternoon   foursomes  off  the  yellow  tees  was  won  with  39  points  by  Hugh  Du  Vivier  and  John   Griston.  Our  new  Secretary  did  a  marvelous  job  on  his  first  outing  in  charge,  despite   being  laid  low  with  a  number  of  lurgies,  that  would  normally  have  rendered  him   confined  to  barracks.  My  sincere  thanks  to  him  for  that  great  effort.

The  Rye  meeting  included  a  round  the  day  before  for  some  15  of  us  followed  by  a   dinner  in  the  Hope  Anchor  in  Rye  for  18.  

An  early  start  on  the  day  of  the  meeting,   attended  by  some  33  members  and  guests,  was  played  under  cold  but  sunny  skies   despite  a  forecast  that  suggested  otherwise.  Scoring  was  difficult  in  the  morning   wind  but  4  pairs  managed  31  points,  with  Tim  Cracklen  and  Steve  Wilkins  winning  on   a  countback  on  the  last  6.  The  Club  looked  after  us  well  and  it  was  opportune  that   we  could  say  a  final  goodbye  to  Ian  Rayson  (the  Steward)  who  retired  on  the  same   day  after  18  tears  at  the  Club.  The  afternoon  round  was  played  in  less  wind  and  in   warmer  conditions  and  two  players  produce  winning  scores  of  36  points,  The   countback  winner  was  Steve  Corrin  (guest  of  Nick  Hayes)  which  was  a  great  effort,   but  I  am  delighted  to  say  that  the  winner  of  the  Charles  Hawkins  Cup  was  Peter   Dyson.  Peter  was  so  pleased  with  his  round  that  he  confessed  that  it  was  the  first   time  that  he  had  got  more  than  30  points  in  a  Hazards  meeting  for  10  years!  “Almost’   retirement  seems  to  suit  him.

And  so,  onto  the  next  meeting,  which  is  the  President’s  Day  at  Walton  Heath  on  the   25th  May.  The  course  will  be  in  excellent  condition  as  we  are  playing  just  prior  to  the   US  Open  Qualifier  there  on  the following  Monday  and  it  is  a  venue  to  which  we  all   look  forward.

The  Society  website  development  is  taking  shape  and  more  will  be  reported  on  this   in  due  time.

Keep  playing  good  golf  and  I  look  forward  to  meeting  up  with  many  of  you  at  the   various  meetings  during  the  year.  For  some  more  fun.

Stephen  Moore  –Captain  2017