Captains Newsletter April 2019

Dear Hazard,


I received a gentle reminder from the Hon Sec on Saturday that I should be sending out Newsletters, in fact I should have already done so.


The new golfing season is well under way, Halford Hewitt played and won by Malvern – it was great to see so many Hazards at Sandwich and Deal last week while I was supporting my alma mater in the early rounds.  The Masters has been played – what a fantastic last nine holes – truly memorable.


The Hazards first meeting at Hankley was very well attended with 24 Hazards playing in the morning.  At lunchtime the heavens opened and the course was closed in the afternoon.  A great shame as it is always such a lovely venue to begin our golfing season.  The morning was won by Michael Katzler and Michael Butler.  Our two guests, Jonathan White and Andrew Fenning, were very well looked after by their Hazard hosts and both were delighted to be made to feel welcome by all Hazards present.  [Hopefully they will join in due course]


Two matches have been played.  The XL Club at the Berkshire in early March was lost by one.  A great lunch made up for the rather poor condition of the fairways on both courses which really did take a hammering last summer.  Some warmer weather to encourage growth should make for a much better experience when we return in early July to play for The Austin Carris Memorial Trophies.  Last Saturday we played The Circuit Judges at New Zealand – another excellent day was enjoyed by all with the match being halved thanks to some good play over lunch to reverse the morning deficit.


Our next meeting is at Royal Cinque Ports – President’s Day – when we play for President’s Salver and President’s Putter.  David Downes is organising golf for up to 16 Hazards on Thursday 25th April at RCP for those coming down early.  We have enough RCP members to sign in Hazards.  Dinner B&B at Dunkerley’s. If you have not already advised David you wish to play, please do so ASAP.  The Hon Sec tells me attendance is on the low side which is a shame as the course is playing very well.  We have enough times on Friday 26th for another 10 Hazards.


The May meeting is at Walton Heath on 23rd which is earlier than in previous years. This is a member and guest day playing for the Charles Hawkins Cup.


Let us hope the weather gets a lot warmer: into shorts with the new Hazard stockings which should be available very soon.