Captains Newsletter July 2021


Captain’s Newsletter

July 2021


Dear Hazard,

It has been a while since I have written to update you on the affairs of the society. Reviewing my last letters, I feel I have erred on the side of length, which I shall endeavour to correct. After all, we have a website which our diligent secretary has been keeping up to date, and it is full of exciting stories and pictures with all the names of the winners at our recent meetings. Many thanks Stephen!




I attended our meetings at Deal in April, and at Walton Heath (President’s Day) in May, but was unable to attend at the Berkshire in June. The results are on the website, so I will not repeat them, but many Hazards who attended have reassured me that they were successful and great fun. My special thanks to our President for his support and generosity at Walton Heath. We were unable to play at Littlestone in March, but I hope many of you will be able to play on the rearranged date of 9th September.

Captain’s Day was due to be played at New Zealand this week but, due to a diary mix up has been postponed to next Tuesday 3rd August. I know that this late change has been inconvenient for quite a few members some of whom have been unable to rearrange their schedules to accommodate it.  Please accept my own apology for this inconvenience, especially to those who are disappointed that they are unable to come this year.  The Hazards have enjoyed many happy meetings and matches at NZ over past years under the friendly eye of Roger Marrett, who retires at the end of this month. He will be greatly missed. I look forward to greeting the 38 Hazards who are signed up for the rearranged meeting.




Sadly, two of our traditional matches were cancelled this year, the XL Club at the Berkshire due to Covid restrictions and the Stock Exchange at the Wildernesse due to another diary clash. Both matches are scheduled to reappear in 2022.


Of the matches played we have achieved glorious wins against the Circuit Judges, the Seniors and Royal Porthcawl, but to stop us getting complacent we had an ignominious defeat against the Chartered Accountants at New Zealand earlier in the month. I am most grateful to the Match Managers of all the above for their hard work. The results are on the website, except for Porthcawl, so here is a short report.


We enjoyed excellent company and good humour, the golf course was in superb condition, and the weather glorious.  The expected aggressive Welsh hospitality was slightly tempered by light Covid restrictions which probably favoured the visitors, leading to a 4½ – 3½ win for the Hazards to regain the John Sanders trophy after a long interval. Pictured below is the Hazards flag, myself accepting the John Sanders tankard from David Watson-James, a perennial stalwart of the match, and our faithful manager David Horne.






The Carris Trophy and the English Girls Championships were played in perfect weather last week unfettered by Covid restrictions.  I was unable to attend the Girls Championships at Malton & Norton GC, which was won by Patience Rhodes of Burnham and Berrow on level par over 4 rounds. The Hazards salver was won by Rosie Bee Kim of The Buckinghamshire who was one over par and came second in the main event. The Hazards salver was presented on our behalf by Emma Brown who played in 3 Curtis Cup matches as Emma Duggleby, and I have written to her to express our appreciation.

I did travel to Bristol on Friday to watch the final round of the Carris Trophy. The last match was very closely contested between Harley Smith, Calum Scott and Ricardo Fantinelli who had set a new course record of 63 in round one. Harley Smith had won the McGregor Trophy (England Boys U16) earlier in the month and proceeded to win both the Hazards Salver and Carris Trophy by 3 strokes on 7 under. The last boy to win all 3 of the above trophies in the same season was Justin Rose in 1995.


Four new Hazards have been elected to membership this year.  Tim Warren of Banstead Downs, Mike McCabe of Royal Cinque Ports, Tim Williams of Chart Hills, and Iain Westwater of St Georges Hill I wish you all many years of happy membership of the society.

The ‘Long Covid’ captaincy seems more a marathon than a sprint, but I will endeavour to keep my head high through the upcoming Suffolk tour, and the remaining matches and meetings to hit the finishing tape at the annual dinner at the RAF club on 26th November. Thank you for your support and friendship on and off the golf course again this year. I wish you happy golfing for the remainder of the season and, of course, continuing good luck and good health.

Best wishes.