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21 Jul

Captains Newsletter July 2021

  Captain’s Newsletter July 2021   Dear Hazard, It has been a while since I have written to update you on the affairs of the society. Reviewing my last letters, I feel I have erred on the side of length, which I shall endeavour to correct. After all, we have a website which our diligent

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15 Aug

Captains Newsletter August 2019

15th August 2019   Dear Hazards   Since my newsletter in early May, I have had much pleasure from meeting many Hazards at our meetings and can report on the Summer so far. Our meeting at Walton Heath was immediately prior the USA Open qualifier this year.  The meeting was attended by 40 Hazards. The

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16 Apr

Captains Newsletter April 2019

Dear Hazard,   I received a gentle reminder from the Hon Sec on Saturday that I should be sending out Newsletters, in fact I should have already done so.   The new golfing season is well under way, Halford Hewitt played and won by Malvern – it was great to see so many Hazards at

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17 Oct

Captain’s Newsletter – October 2017

Dear Hazards, Since writing in June this year the Hazards golfing season has been running along at some pace with meetings, matches and tours and, with only one match remaining (vs The Elders at Hayling GC) before the Annual Dinner, it seemed an appropriate time to let members know how things had been going. Sadly,

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08 Jun

Hazards Golfing Society – Website Launch

Fellow Hazards, The 8th June 2017 will mark an important date in the history of the Society when the website will be launched. User instructions and help with navigating the system will be issued by those who understand these sort of things and the purpose of this introduction is to recognise the efforts that have

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15 May

Captain’s Letter – May 2017

Dear  Hazards, Now  the  season  is  underway  it  seemed  a  good  opportunity  to  update  you  all  on  what   has  been  happening  so  far. The  initial  news  is  rather  sad  in  that  I  have  to  report  that  a  very  good  friend  of  the  Hazards  and  central  member  of  Porthcawl  GC  –  Gareth Griffiths  –  died

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