Hazards Golfing Society – Website Launch

Fellow Hazards,

The 8th June 2017 will mark an important date in the history of the Society when the website will be launched. User instructions and help with navigating the system will be issued by those who understand these sort of things and the purpose of this introduction is to recognise the efforts that have gone into bringing this important tool to all of us. It will make entering meetings and applying for matches, as well as keeping up to date with the Society, so much easier and quicker.

Our thanks go to the working party of David Downes, Mick Donnelly & Stephen Chappell (with input from Duncan Bateman on occasions) who worked with the website designer Charles Waud to make the website a reality. One feature that I am sure you will enjoy is the Hazards Archive material, which is available to view on the website. Our thanks go to Maureta and David Horne for pulling all the old information and news items into shape and in chronological order, and to Mick Donnelly (ably encouraged by Richard Norris and Allan Ramsay) for driving the digitization of the material and making it available to us all electronically. From here onwards news items and photographs can be added as fun at events and on the links and in the bars are recorded for posterity.

I should point out that I will be introduced to the system at its launch, so one important note is – please do not contact me if you have any questions or problems with the website as I am unlikely to be able to answer them? Follow the guidance and ask the experts!

All very exciting – enjoy.

Stephen Moore – Captain 2017