Hazards GS v Elders GS

A splendid couple of days at Hayling Golf Club were enjoyed by both sides in very windy conditions but, luckily, no rain.

Battle commenced on Tuesday 19th October with a friendly four ball in testing conditions.  Honours came out even and the sides relaxed over a decent dinner at The Langstone Quays Hotel Hotel.  The talk was mostly at the prospect of playing in what the BBC weather app described as unplayable.

After a night of very heavy rain we gathered at the golf club to find that the clouds had gone and we were left with a very blustery day.  The Hazards managed to prevail by 6 to 3 with the tail wagging vigorously to give us a win and possession of the Elson-Dew Salver for another year.

Andrew Fenning took some pleasure in presenting the Trophy to Max Hunt who received it with much pleasure.

Our thanks to Andrew and Max for organising such a wonderful couple of days.