Hazards v Chartered Accountants Golf Society

Finally we emerged from the ‘Covid 19’ lockdown to resume the 2020 season at New Zealand with a match against the CAGS.  A delightful venue for our first careful steps back to ‘normality’.

New Zealand had set up the clubhouse in such a way that allowed for social distancing whilst still using the bar and catering facilities.  We were able to have a four course lunch, excellent as usual, whilst enjoying the well manicured golf course.

The weather was kind, with clear skies and a gentle breeze to help us on our way.

The Hazards did their normal and started badly coming into lunch trailing by 4 points to 1 but a stern talking to by the match manager, Hugh Smith, saw a wonderful recovery to enable a halved match.

The Chartered Accountants, lead by Hazard – John Gill, were wonderful company and stiff opposition.  We look forward to seeing them again in 2021.