Hazards v The Chartered Accountants Golf Society

New Zealand Golf Course looked delightful as ever.  The weather was overcast but muggy and ten Hazards gathered for the annual match against the CAGS.  Martin Wakely managed the team and John Gill took charge of the accountants side.

The morning saw the society take a lunchtime lead with wins for Stephen Moore & Bill McCall, Ben Richards & Alistair Defriez and David Downes & Graham Sutton whilst Stephen Chappell and Nick Hayes managed a well earned half.

We lunched in style and then ventured out for another 18 holes that saw wins for Nick Hayes & David Downes, Alistair Defriez & Stephen Chappell with Stephen Moore & Martin Wakely gained a valuable half to lead us to victory by 6 points to 4

Stephen Moore welcoming the CAGS to New Zealand GC