Porthcawl Weekend 2021

This year’s visit to Porthcawl had been in the balance for several months leading up to our migration west to sunny Wales. The Welsh Assembly had made visit to the Principality quite difficult for the golfing English but, luckily regulations were easy just in time for our weekend.

Twenty members made the journey down to gather for David Horne’s drink party to start the weekend off with some bubbles. Unfortunately we could not all attend as Covid Regulations dictated that not more than 30 people could gather at any one venue. Nevertheless David and Mauretta were the perfect hosts and our Captain said some kind words about their annual invitation to Laleston.

A fish and chip dinner was held in the Common Room at the Club where the Peter Dyson revealed this years teams to play for the port on Saturday.

Captains Team

Peter Dyson, Michael Atkins, Richard Blanchflower, Andrew Fenning, Rhodri Thomas, Alistair Defriez, Andy Chew, John Gill, Stephen Chappell, and Charles Waud.

Max Hunt’s Team

Max Hunt, Tim Thomas, Hugh Smith, Michael Butler, Richard Pinder, David Downes, David Payne, Philip Payze and Mike Roden.

A very tight contest saw a victory for the Captains team.

We enjoyed a splendid dinner at the Club on Saturday evening where we were pleased to receive the Club Captain Jackie McKay and the Mens Captain Rob John.  Our Captain welcomed them both and thanked them for taking the time out from their busy schedules to join us. Further, how grateful we were to the Club for allowing us to play on a weekend, a privilege not granted to any other society.

David Horne took great pleasure in announcing the pairings for the match against the club on Sunday morning.

The expected aggressive Welsh hospitality was slightly tempered by light Covid restrictions which probably favoured the visitors, leading to a 4½ – 3½ win for the Hazards to regain the John Sanders trophy after a long interval.

We enjoyed excellent company and good humour, the golf course was in superb condition, and the weather glorious.