Porthcawl Weekend June 2019

Below is an extract of Hugh Smith’s letter to all who formed the touring party which sums up what went on – I hope he will not mind me using his words

“I hope you all had as much fun as I did last weekend.  We were incredibly lucky with the weather which meant we played all the planned golf without a drenching.  The halved match, whilst not the win we were hoping for, at least stopped the succession of RPGC wins since 2009.  My thanks to Rhodri Thomas for stepping in at short notice to even up our numbers.

Maureta and David Horne laid on a great welcome party on Friday evening complemented by our President, Chris Sneath, providing the champagne.  The move to a BBQ at Peter Dyson’s house I thought was a great success and enabled far more ability to talk to everyone playing over the weekend than sitting at a long table in a restaurant.  My thanks to Sue Dyson for arranging for plates, cutlery and glasses from RPGC and to both Sue and Sandra for their hard work on Friday getting everything ready while we were out enjoying ourselves on the golf course.  Dugald Patten came to our rescue with his excellent culinary skills on the BBQ – I am not sure what would have happened had Peter and I been left to get on with it – many thanks Dugald.  I hope you all enjoyed the cheese provided by the Bristol Cheesemonger throughout the weekend.  I am sorry Sunday lunch was slow again – next year we will pre-order to speed the process up.








The Club looked after us very well and as you can see from the attached letter from Roger Bird, the Club President, said we are most welcome”   .