The Society Rules

That the name of the Society be “The Hazards Golfing Society”.

The objects of the Society shall be:

  • To arrange Golf Meetings at suitable times, with the primary object of drawing together amateur golfers from all parts, in the hope that strong bonds of friendship will be formed amongst its members.
  • To promote the best interests of golf and generally preserve the dignity and prestige of the game and the Society.

Membership of the Society shall be by invitation only, and no Golfer shall be eligible for election unless he has been proposed and seconded by members of the Society (who must themselves have been Playing Members for not less than two years) and shall already have played in at least one of the Society’s Meetings and attained the age of 19 years. The proposer and seconder to support the application with a personal letter to the Committee.

Membership of the Society can only be renewed by Annual Invitation from the Committee, who shall have the power to return the Entrance Fee to Members not invited to re-join.

  • Non-Playing Members. With the approval of the Committee past or present members may become Non-Playing Members of the Society. They shall be entitled to vote at meetings, and may be invited to play in two of the meetings per year or in any of the matches.
  • Life Honorary Members. Whenever it is desired to recognise the distinguished service to the Society of any Member he may be elected a Life Honorary Member.

The business of the Society shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of the President, Captain, Immediate Past-Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and five additional Members, all to be elected Annually; but no Member of the Committee, other than ex -officio Members, shall serve for more than three years consecutively – three to form a quorum.

Any casual vacancy on the Committee shall be filled by the Committee and any Member so chosen shall retire at the following Annual General Meeting, but shall be eligible for election.

The official year of the Society shall terminate on Dec. 31st and the Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as convenient thereafter at such time and place as the Committee may decide.

From 2013, the subscription per annum for Full members shall be Eighty Pounds, and for Non-playing members Thirty Pounds. The Committee shall have power to charge an Entrance Fee except to sons of members, to fix the amount thereof or to dispense with same as they may think proper.

The Committee shall allot each year, subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting, a proportion of any surplus funds to some deserving object.

The Committee may at any time convene a Special General Meeting of the Society and must do so on receipt of a petition signed by not less than ten members – fourteen clear days’ notice of such meeting to be given in writing.

After he has been a member of the Society for two years a Member shall have the privilege of inviting a Guest to such of the meetings of the Society as the Committee shall from time to time determine and the Committee shall have power to limit the number of Guests at any meeting, and also to arrange special Guest Meetings and the conditions upon which Guests shall compete. No Guest may play in more than one meeting per year.

The Committee shall have power to expel any Member whose conduct has been prejudicial to the interests of the Society – in such cases at least a two-thirds majority of the Committee being necessary.

The Committee shall have full powers in the conduct of all Competitions, handicapping, the defining of divisions of handicap (Seniors and Juniors), and the framing of special local rules and bye-laws.

The Committee may extend invitations to the Golf Captains of Oxford and Cambridge Universities to become Honorary Members of the Society during their term of office.

No rules of the Society shall be repealed or altered and no new rule shall be made save by a majority of the Members present at a General Meeting, and one Calendar Month’s notice of the intention to propose any new rule or alteration shall be given to the Honorary Secretary before December 31st and the Honorary Secretary shall send notice of the same to every Member at least ten days before the General Meeting.